Essential goods which I have

by Adelia Farhana

this time I want to tell me about my goods which have from Momo and Mello ! XDD this on everything from correspondence *maybe now that I've liked the letter hehe*

starting from .. pigeonhole this is mine. :3 *very  unclear*

Then mail letters I got from Momo and Mello
Hello Kitty illustrated letter from Momo *Dina Mizanie*
while a plain envelope from Mello *Bonita Rachma Fitriani*

let's start all gifts from Momo! XDD

I admire this the most! Actually are in love Momo's just a sketch just but because my mom said I could lose ya been coloring it. XD but it pretty right? XP was given this because I'm more mad at D.Gray-man at the time, but now it's normal. hehehheheheheheheheheh [???]

This homemade! Tobiume and Hitsugaya.Hitsugaya actually, that it in order to give older sister Regi, but I have not had time to meet her so I had to just save it first. XD

subsequently, this doll which I named Ryoma Echizen because he holds the ball rounders.  XD I love it [???] now, it had kept on my bookshelf near the pile of comics. X3

and lastly, I ask for their cosplay photos. XD *basic* I'm very pleased. but I envy their parents allow them in cosplay. =3= period I was not allowed. =A=

So for the granting of Momo XD
Then, now presents gift from Mello! XDD

This clock output Purezento! XD *jahh* I really like! I put this clock in close to photograph my friend. X3 yeah! I love pink! Hitomi! XDD

then these pins, I do not know going in the place where but I keep it, because I could wear it later on and this is a gift. then it was gone hp hanger strap. XD so I just save it because the three of us, Mami Hara, Mello and I have the same.

later, the comic Kuroshitsuji 7th which provide it. actually it was not me who asked for but she said this as a gift because she was late to send my birthday gift.*Sad*

This is a picture! XD though a bit weird but okay. This Lenalee Lee from D.Gray-man. that time again mad at me that anime! so in the post is drawing. hohoho

The last is a picture of herself! XD *PLAK!* This one as a child and when she was a junior high class. I'm sorry Mel. u.u


actually, this is not a clear yes, but I want to tell it. This is my place to put money and accessories. hohohohohohohoho.

ohh yes this is a gift from Hania.

then this poster Kuroshitsuji from Animonster magazine! XDD * ignore *

so many of my stories. u.u

I'm sorry Mel, Momo. ToT

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