Diary Of Past Away

by Adelia Farhana
At that time, I was, only an untamed beast. my parents died, my house has been evicted and my friend knows where to go. I am alone. At that moment, I own. I care nothing. I kept walking, but I do not know what to where. until that time comes. an old lady who may board at the orphanage, came over to me. she picked me and took me to a house that many children not lucky, like me. I was amazed to see it. they like to have forgotten that the worst thing in his life.they were laughing and having fun. when I was silent, the old lady grabbed my arm and took me to a room.
 "Who's your name, son?" the old lady asked me. 
"I.. I, Ikue Tsutsumi." I replied. 
"Ikue-kun, now here is your house." said the old lady then smiled. I went straight back that smile. "Oh yes, do you remember old are you now or your birth date?" she continued. 
"I was 10 years old and my birth date on 23 December." I said a little scared if you see her face.
"Oh so. Now you can play with others." said the old lady. I blushed to see it. 
I went straight out of the room and sat on a bench near a huge tree. I saw them play, and suddenly a girl came up to me who was thinking.
"Hey .." the girl said to me. 
"Ahh .. yes?" I smiled at him. he's beautiful daughter. 
"You're the new kid huh? My name Mihane Nagafuji. Nice to meet you." she introduced herself and smiled at me. 
"Ahh .. I Ikue Tsutsumi. Nice to meet you too." I said. I suddenly fell silent and I only remember the words he said it. if possible I like it? ahh not possible. This was a kid I do not understand about it. then I continued my conversation to him. 


Two years later, I got closer to the Mihane. but, suddenly, there's something coming. 
"Sorry mom, we want to adopt a child, male, aged approximately 12 years." wealthy parents who said it. 
"Hmm .. Ikue-kun here quick!" old mother called me the orphanage administrators. I just said he just followed. 
"Yes?" I asked in surprise. wealthy parents kept the canal at me and smiled at me. but I turned towards Mihane. her face was visible .. sad? why? "Mihane ..." I mumbled. wealthy parents were then approached. 
"If you want to come with us?" asked the mother of the rich parents. she smiled at me but I'm confused. 
"For what? I do not understand." I replied. 
"We want to adopt you. Will you stay with us." clear mother. 
"But why me?" I asked again. 
"Because we love you." 
"Uhh .." I'm complaining. I am confused what to answer. I already feel at home here. but, the two men wanted me. uhh .. What may make. "Yes, I'm willing to join you." I continued. "Really? Thank you son. What's your name?" two men were very pleased when I said 'yes'. "Ikue Tsutsumi my name." 
"A good name." he smiled to me. I'm just speechless. I turned towards Mihane, she crying?jeez! I am confused what to do! ukh .. there's nothing I can do. I really really stupid! I went Mihane, and then I whispered 
"goodbye Mihane. until you later. do not worry about me." I hugged her but she kept crying incessantly. I'm very confused. 


Five years later when I was in high school third grade. 
"Chii!! Good morning!" I say to Chihiro Akiyama, my schoolmates. I knew him when we apply the same high school. 
"Yo!" Chii replied. 
"How the news this morning? Hahaha." Chii teased me because my face always looks sick, but in fact are not. 
"No what what. Hahahaha I'm fine thank you." My dancer. Chii not really speak English. she pinched my cheek as if to .. attack? what? I immediately pushed Chii. instead he just laughed.yaoi basis. 
"Chii morning! Ikuu!!" Naka Kaburagi greeted with a strange style, as usual. Umi Kajiwara and behind which the hand Naka. they are still a high school class but still a school with me. 
"Naka morning. Umm I'm going to the library. Chii want to come?" I asked to Chihiro. "Okay. I see your homework yes! Hehe .." Chii replied. 
'Crap! "


In the library ~ 
"Waw .. now many new models yes!" I said, reading a magazine. 
"Yes, but many are not famous." Chii said. 
"But this one pretty well." I pointed to the woman who told you it was beautiful. but wait, it seems I never see his face but somewhere where I forgot. 
"I also love her. I forget his name." Chii said. 
"Lousy, amnesia." I said as he twisted Chii ears. 
"Damn you Iku .." Chii wry smile and get ready for my twisted but I continued to tease.


At home ~
"I came home .. Mom .. Dad .." I say. but apparently no one at home. effort, the bigger I am, the more not in care. Again I see this model in a magazine. ukh .. I think I know him, but I forgot it.stupid! I went straight to my room, I was always about that, forgot what? What I always forget this? pshaw! why can I not remember?! I then read the newspaper because it was tired of reading the magazine. then I saw the news, 'xxx orphanage evicted'. I was immediately stunned by the news, as if someone had my ... "AHH!! Is not it! Orphanage that time! Silly me in!!" I immediately ran to where the orphanage. got there, I was silent like a statue. pshaw! why I can not forget my past! stupid! This is the same as seven years ago. where habitation evicted and I lost people I love. there I was crying. somehow I was crying. I really really stupid. oh yes!Mihane! you where?! I walked into a large tree, where I sat together, always ... 
"Ikue.. Ikue ..??" someone called me. somehow I knew this voice. I turn round and find a figure who is successful and beautiful women I always see in magazines. she's ...!!!! "MIHANE!" I shouted. I immediately ran over and hugged him like 5 years ago. My first love .. 
"Ikue, why are you here?" Mihane asked. I really can not let go of this. I loved it. 
"Do not know Mihane. Of my past, my diary is forgotten." I replied. 
"I could never let you go Mihane." I continued. 
"Ikue ..." Direct Mihane kiss her lips against mine. This is really a forgotten diary. I liked it but I do not remember anything right. suck! then I'm always holding hands, as if afraid to lose it. 


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